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"My career as an EMT began in 2017 when I first moved to Fair Lawn. I always knew I wanted to focus on a career in the medical field and I thought, “what a better way to get started than joining my town’s volunteer ambulance corps?”. I have learned so much about myself, my patients, my career, and my FLVAC family in the past 4 years as a member than I could have ever possibly imagined. This career challenges me every day in every single way. Now, as a recently graduated nurse, I am able to understand several perspectives and take my 

expertise and lessons with me on every call in order to provide the best kind of care to our patients regardless of their condition. I once read the importance of doing work to touch the lives of neighbors and friends in some measurable and useful way and it has stuck with me ever since.Being an EMT is more than just responding to 9-1-1 calls. To me, being an EMT means being a part of someone’s life at one of the most vulnerable moments in their lives. It means putting someone else’s comfort before getting a good night’s sleep or eating a freshly prepared meal. More specifically, being an EMT in Fair Lawn, has allowed me the opportunity to become so much closer to a community that I now call home.So for anyone who has ever been curious or interested in joining, I encourage you to reach out. Do the best you can and never stop". 

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