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How busy is FLVAC?


In 2022, our members responded to 2,234 calls!

Member Call Counts

Over 400

Mary Pelta

Over 300

Mitchel Schaffer

Over 200

Hareesh Bose

Kimberly Colon-Leon

Brian Lubroth

Over 100

Alfonso Dominguez

Sandor Haft

Louis Harrison

Romel Inoa

Madiyar Kusbekov

Ronnie Lottermann

Sarah Lubroth

David Lutzker

Jarrett Nidowicz

Anthony Rosario

Jarred Rose

Daniel Stokar

Cavel Taupper

Frequented Hospitals

Fair Lawn, like many towns in the Northern Jersey area, is uniquely located near several top medical centers and facilities. There are a few factors that may influence which hospital to transfer care to. Sometimes we select a hospital based on proximity or specialty. Other times it may be patient, family or law enforcement choice, given the nature of emergency of course!  Below are the top 7 hopsitals FLVAC frequented through the 2022 year!


#1 The Valley Hospital

#2 Hackensack University Medical Center

#3 New Bridge Medical Center

#4 St Joseph's University Medical Center - Paterson

#5 Holy Name Medical Center

#6 Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

#7 St Joseph's University Medical Center - Wayne

Top 10 Call Types

While FLVAC responds to a number of different kinds of medical emergencies, here are the top 10 dispatched types of medical emergencies we saw this year!


Top ten call types:

#1 Sick Person 12.9%

#2 Fall Victim 11.4%

#3 Breathing Problems 8.5%

#4 Motor Vehicle Accident 7.3%

#5 Medical Emergency 7.0%

#6 Psychiatric Problems 5.7%

#7 Chest Pain 4.7%

#8 Abdominal Pain 4.5%

#9 Altered Mental Status 3.1%

#10 Intoxicated 2.9%

CPR Saves


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that can help save a person’s life if their breathing or heart stops. When a person’s heart stops beating, they are in cardiac arrest. About 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospitals each year. 


Currently, about 9 in 10 people who go into cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. But CPR can help improve those odds. If it is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or triple a person's chance of survival.

CPR saves for 2022:

March: 1 save

April: 1 save

May: 1 save

September: 1 save

October: 1 save

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