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How busy is FLVAC?

In 2023, FLVAC members responded to 2,245 calls. We are proud to be there to serve and support our community in times of need. The members below have gone above and beyond answering the call.

Our Year in Review

Top 10 Call Types

FLVAC responds to a variety of call types. Here are the top ten call types of 2023:

#1. Sick Person 11.7%

#2. Fall Victim 11.1%

#3. Motor Vehicle Accident 8.8%

#4. Breathing Problems 8%

#5. Medical Emergency 7.8%

#6. Psychiatric Problems 5.6%

#7. Chest Pain 5.4%

#8. Abdominal Pain 4.5%

#9. Altered Mental Status 3.3%

#10. Intoxicated 2%

Frequented Hospitals

Fair Lawn, as well as many towns in Northern New Jersey, is uniquely located near several medical facilities. There are certain factors to consider when selecting a hospital, such as proximity or patient condition. Here are the top 5 hospitals FLVAC visited in 2023:

#1. The Valley Hospital

#2. Hackensack University Medical Center

#3. New Bridge Medical Center

#4. St Joseph's University Medical Center - Paterson

#5. Holy Name Medical Center


There are some cases where a patient does not need transport to the hospital, or FLVAC provides support for special events. Of our calls for 2023, we transported the following number of instances:

1,678 Transports (74.74%)

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