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How busy is FLVAC? Are you interested in numbers and stats? Then this page is right for you!

In 2018, our members responded to 2,062 calls!

Over 400 Calls Taken

Marty Pelta takes the lead with the most calls taken in 2018 at a whooping 414! Thanks Marty for your time and dedication to FLVAC and the community it serves!

Over 200 Calls Taken

Jarret Nidowicz-294

Brain Lubroth- 204

Over 100 Calls Taken

Eric Badalyan- 124

Hareesh Bose- 100

Jennifer Calabrase- 105

Tracy Cornejo- 106

Chris Escalante- 140

Jessica Dunn- 134

Laurie Frenkle- 124

Dan Furphy- 108

Sandy Haft- 110

Matthew Hearon- 132

Gilda Linden- 150

Ron Lottermann- 181

David Lutzker- 164

Ally Reamy- 149

Anthony Ruiz- 133

Ceri Spaziani- 142

Anthony Venet- 112

Top Ten Types of Calls

While FLVAC responds to a number of different kinds of medical emergencies, here are the top 10 dispatched types of medical emergencies we saw in 2018!

Falls 11.3%

Illness 9.8%

Medical Emergencies 8.6%

Breathing Problems 7.8%

Motor Vehicle Accidents 6.9%

Abdominal Pain 5.8%

Chest Pain 5.5%

Psychiatric 4%

Unconscious/ Fainting 4%

Altered Mental Status 3%

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