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"Hello all! My name is Sarah and my journey at FLVAC originally began before I could even read. My dad has been a member of this organization since 1998 and I have been around the corps ever since day 1. I would remember helping with special events such as the Fourth of July fireworks and marching with my dad in the Memorial Day parade. I knew since I was a little girl that I wanted to be part of the FLVAC family. My membership first started in 2012, but going away to college made it difficult to commit the time my community needed from me, forcing me

to leave the thing I love most in 2018. During the summer of 2020, I re-joined because I felt like there was a piece missing from my life and relaunched my EMT career. Over the years I have created unbreakable bonds and built a second family. It’s astonishing to see the heart and dedication I witness from all the brave men and women I work with.I enjoy doing community events and meeting the members of the Fair Lawn community during those fun and good times. But the greatest gratitude I feel is when I can be the sunshine on someone’s rainy day by responding to their call for help. I plan to continue my commitment to the community and make people laugh when they’re feeling down.

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