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"Growing up as a little girl, I constantly was surrounded by the endless hallways of hospitals and the 4 walls of doctors offices sitting beside my dad who was more ill then my young mind could understand. Though this was the norm to me, what stood out to me was the first responders who would show up to my house whenever 911 had to be called. The people who walked through my doors no matter what time of the day it was and no matter if the weather was sunny or rainy always appeared like superheroes to me. They would carry these huge

bags on their backs and in their arms would be more equipment. Though at the time I didn’t fully understand what it was all needed for, they always seemed to save the day for my family. As I grew up, I began to learn more and more what it all was for, which was to help someone on their worst day. That’s exactly what I decided I wanted to do, help other families on their worst days.

I began my journey by joining the Fair Lawn Ambulance Corps at 17 years old. I soon began taking 911 calls and realized quickly that the feeling you get from being able to help someone on their worst day is an unmatched feeling you cannot get from anywhere else. Being a volunteer EMT here at FLVAC has taught me the skills that I will need not only on my shifts here but as a I continue on through nursing school and the rest of my career. But most importantly, this organization gave me the confidence I needed to grow as a person. Our organization has genuinely become family to me. Whenever I need a late night study session or a shoulder to cry on, FLVAC is the place I always seem to end up. If you have an interest in joining our family, don’t hesitate! Sign up!

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