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15-year Life Member


“To me, being an EMT is helping people at their best and at their worst. It's being there for the happy times (child birth), and sometimes the sad times (death). I don't need the thanks, don't consider myself a hero, just consider myself a person, a person who is there to comfort/celebrate with you, someone who will be a re-assuring face when you call and someone who will do everything in his power to ensure your loved one has a successful outcome and trip to the hospital. The common theme for me, is the ability to give back to my community. I always try to treat each

patient as my own grandparent/parent/child, it ensures I keep the quality of care to the highest standard. I'm not a special person, I'm just trying to ensure I pay it forward. If we all treat and value each other the same way we treat and value our immediate family, it goes far beyond great care for our patients, and helps them see how special the soul of an EMT really is”.

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