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"In 1982 (yes, I get it, I’m old), a buddy of mine and I were driving down Berdan Ave. when we saw all of the Fair Lawn first responder agencies with flashlights walking throughout Berdan Grove Park. Being the nosy 21 year old kid that I was, I stopped and asked what was going on. I was told by a man who was an ambulance corps member at that time that they were looking for a missing child. Minutes later, I was driving through the park with my friend hanging out of the window of my car with a flashlight trying to help find this child. Immediately I was 

hooked. That week I went to the Fair Lawn Volunteer Ambulance Corps headquarters and filled out an application.
Upon joining I quickly discovered the good feeling which came with every single call I took. Whether it was my typical Monday daytime shift, a holiday, or a random 3 AM general call, I loved every second of it. I loved being a part of something bigger than myself and I loved meeting some of Fair Lawn’s best and most interesting people in the middle of the night. As I got older and continued to mature, I saw all the growth and progress this organization achieved in the years since I had joined. I realized the corps. was a part of me and was in my blood. I felt like I was ready to step up and become an officer, and do my part to continue the forward movement of this incredible organization. During my time here, I'm most proud of serving as Chief of the ambulance corps. I consider myself truly lucky to be a part of this amazing family and to see all of the things that I have seen and to have been a part of so many of the positive changes throughout the years.


Whenever someone tells me that they want to join the Fair Lawn Ambulance Corps, I tell them now is the perfect time because every day you wait is opportunities missed. Opportunities to make a difference in your community, to save a life, develop life-long friendships and discover the real you. Joining the FLVAC family will change your life and you will grow as a human being.

Make today the day that you take a step toward joining the Fair Lawn Ambulance Corps. It's a step that will change your life.

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