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"My name is Angelena and I have been an EMT and served Fair Lawn for approximately 11 years. I first joined the Corps. because I always wanted to help others, I wanted to make a difference. I have stood before my town as a daughter, student, wife, mother, and employee, but I stand for my town as an EMT. I stand today as a member because this is my purpose. Some may wonder what their purpose is. Stop wondering and find your passion. Your passion will lead you to your purpose. At the FLVAC we are family. Together we strive to make a difference, not 

just by supporting our town and other towns, but by supporting each other. As a family we serve and do our best no matter what the scene. We all leave meals, warm beds, loved ones to help people we have never met. Sometimes people will ask, what do you make, what do you get out of this? I proudly answer, I get to make a difference”.

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